Saturday, June 19, 2010

As far as my Art and Jewelry goes

I have stopped taking bellydance classes for now. It was fun but I think a little pricey for what I got out of it. I am no dancer!

I have re opened my etsy shop.
I find that when my older son is in school, my younger son is very compliant to play on his side of my studio with his art stuff while I make jewelry. I have been able to get so much more done. I need another outlet, I only have things at the gallery and on etsy. so once I build etsy back up, and have alot on hand, I will have to search out other galleries and shops for another place to sell.

There are a few things which have been bothering me which I will not write here in case the wrong people happen upon my words.

I have been working at the gallery on Sundays for more than a year and soon I think I will be working Thursdays also. I am so grateful for the job! and the opportunity to sell my jewelry here.

I have a new artistic interest though. glass. I haven't tried anything with it yet, but I have read and watched videos and learned quite a bit. I understand how to operate my kiln to work with glass now. I have on order the items I need to fuse glass into a mold to make my own "gems"
with these "gems" I will make PMC works of art! I have high hopes that this turns into something I enjoy and can make into beautiful pieces. otherwise I will have to eat $55 in materials and chalk it up to "I tried".
so as far as this new endeavor you will have to come back in a couple of weeks to see how it all worked out. until then check out my etsy shop - click on the widget on the right of your screen.

Long time no post

Well I am at work right now and have some time to post. My photos are all on my desktop computer at home though so wordy post here we come.

First, garden update

we have been harvesting and eating
tomatoes (big red ones and little yellow ones and little red ones)
a beet is ready (haven't picked it yet though)
green beans

have yet to harvest
jalapenos (any day now though)
green pepper (any day now, they sure are pretty)
carrots (it will be a while)
cantaloupe (we shall see it will be a while)

The bugs are crazy! the worms that got on the broccoli made me not want to eat it! they were small and the same color as the broccoli, there was no way to be sure I wasn't eating worm!
small black bugs are on the corn (just saw them yesterday)
there are some beetles out there though they haven't devastated anything yet.
If we leave the tomatoes out there long enough to get red they are destroyed (I think by birds) so we have to let them ripen on the countertop.

I am not a fan of pesticides but will use them every now and then to keep the bugs to a minimum.
It is time to plant the fall crops, or soon will be. some space in the garden just opened up where the cabbage was and where the broccoli and spinach was. I think all these can be grown during colder months too, and guess what - in colder months bugs won't be such a problem.
we just weeded the garden again, finally got a day that wasn't scorching hot.

Garden is going good this year, hopefully we can maintain it year round!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

cabbage and Lantana

our cabbage is gorgeous - I am fighting the caterpillars for ownership!

Lantanas are still doing wonderfully!

They're heeeeeeeerrrrrr!!

the day I have been dreading since beginning my garden, the day the caterpillars show up!
they are eating my broccoli leaves and my cabbage leaves. I don't really want to put pesticides on my edibles, and if I didn't try something less toxic quick, R would have had them covered in seven dust already. And that could still happen if my homemade insecticide doesn't work.

I have tons of cayenne peppers in the freezer left over from the garden last year, I never got around to making hot sauce. so I made a mixture of cayenne - garlic- veg oil - and soap and water - I sprayed my veggies real good tonight, so tomorrow will tell if it is gonna be a seven dust alternative.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

what to believe

Its crazy how many differing "opinions" there are for what is good for you. sure some things are generally accepted - fried food = bad and fast food = bad
but I have seen conflicting articles on Agave (xagave) being just as bad as HFC or the best sweetener you could use. Chocolate is hailed as a super food in a book I just got, and there are ppl on the internet now claiming that raw Cacao is toxic.
Meat = good or bad
dairy and butter = good or bad.
what is the right path?
Then there is the fact that we don't even really know how our food is produced. you have documentaries out there like Food Inc. demonizing businesses and big farmers for their farming methods, which are atrocious, but the gov't subsidizing corn is just as atrocious, it causes the cows to be fed a non natural diet of corn fostering e-coli. which gets spread to organic food.
Soy used to be god of food, now ppl are avoiding it because it is genetically engeneered to be more productive. which feeds more people. Is it bad for you?

then there is ornanic vs non organic. I don't like the idea of introducing chemicals into my body but in growing my own garden I realize how devastating it is to wake up in the morning to your crop eaten overnight.

what is right?
I like that I have a garden and can't wait for it to be productive.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Raw Honey

I have been waiting for SO long (since fall) to get some raw honey. it tastes so much better than the sweet gooey stuff from the market which has been pasteurized and all the enzymes are dead.
So walking downtown at the Azalea Festival this morning there was a local honey seller, he assured me his honey had not been heated at all, and it was from South Carolina - local enough for me.
I can't wait to get home and try some! Every jar you buy has a unique taste depending on the type of flower the bees visit and the time of year. Honey can be exciting!


I really should post pics but I am at work and can't right now.
We recently (about 3 days ago) re-planted our carrots, beets (only 4 came up), and cantaloupe. I hope they sprout this time.
Our Cabbage, Spinach, broccoli, Onion and Lettuce look fabulous, getting big and lush. I hate to report we had to sprinkle with 7 dust already they were beginning to get eat, by something and the ants were beginning to take over! well we spread it and it rained within 24 hours - so it is all wash off now and the bugs are gone for now.
I hate not growing organic, but I also hate putting so much work into something for it to be destroyed overnight! I am gonna plant some marigolds to repel bugs and hopefully keep the pesticide treatments to a minimum! I am not putting pesticide on my herbs, for a couple of reasons, 1- you eat the herb directly (not like carrot where you pesticide the leaves and eat the roots) makes sense in my head anyway) alsoo I really haven't had much issue with my herbs getting eaten by bugs, I don't know why but they just don't bother my herbs.
speaking of which my chives came back with a vengence, they are awesome! My oregano is gonna take over my side garden - literally, they are spreading alot each year! my basil came back really pretty, and my rosemary looks pathetic but did come back - I hope it decides to flourish.
back to garden stuff though, our squash (planted last week) have 4 leaves each now and growing fast! and we have itty bitty tomatoes starting on one of the tomato bushes. Gonna go to the herb farm and get a roma tomato plant tomorrow - haven't been able to find them yet, but shelton was down at the Azalea festival and had some, but I want to get more herbs so tomorrow we shop! My pickled squash from last year is gone - NOOOOOO! I am looking forward to making some more!